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Gingerbread 4pk
Gingerbread 4pk
Gingerbread - Maison Blanche Paint Company

Maison Blanche Paint Company

Gingerbread 4pk


This is wholesale pricing for a case of 4

Suggested retail price for a quart is $41.99-$43.99 each and 4oz samples retail for $12.99-$14.99 each

For those who will settle for nothing less than the highest quality and superior performance, Maison Blanche Paint Company's Vintage Furniture Paint is a premium "no prep" Furniture Paint. Our exclusive formula has a high chalk content and will adhere to almost any surface. Our Vintage Furniture Paint does not contain chemical drying agents. This allows for a longer "open time". The paint is allowed to settle and smooth out as it dries with minimal occurrence of chalk balling and brush strokes. This creamy, luxurious furniture paint dries to our signature smooth and velvety finish.

Touching a piece painted with Maison Blanche Furniture Paint is like touching velvet!