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Clear O Wax 4pk
Clear O Wax 4pk
Clear O Wax - Maison Blanche Paint Company

Maison Blanche Paint Company

Clear O Wax 4pk


O Wax is a Water Based,
No buffing, Quick Drying, Satin Finish furniture wax gel that is available in two shades: Clear and French Roast

Now you may be wondering why the heck you would ever use this
O wax when the regular Maison Blanche Antique Wax is the best wax ever to be created on the face of the Earth!! For real! Well I'll tell you a couple of reasons

1. If you are concerned about using anything with an odor, pregnant, etc. then O Wax is a non toxic option and has zero smell (Although I must admit that I do love the scent of our regular Antique Wax and can be found sniffing the tin from time to time LOL)

2. There is no buffing involved with O Wax. It dries to a satin finish all by itself! Just apply a thin coat with a cloth or brush for instant protection and satiny luster! So if you are going to use clear wax anyway you may as well skip the buffing step by using clear O Wax.

3. Use it as a "barrier" layer sandwiched between your paint and your Annie's Reserve to have a much longer open time to work with your glaze.

4. A great alternative to clear satin varnish because there will be no brush strokes with O Wax. Slower to apply and quicker to dry than varnish though. All a matter of preference my friends.

Other things you should know about O Wax:
-O Wax dries very very quickly and does not have much open time!
-It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
-You absolutely MUST apply Clear O Wax prior to applying French Roast O Wax or else the French Roast will "bite" into your paint

As the saying goes..."It's all about options"...and at Maison Blanche we are constantly researching and developing products based on feedback from our customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments about O Wax!