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Bronze Metallic Paint 4pk

Maison Blanche Paint Company

Bronze Metallic Paint 4pk


Available in 12 delicious shades, Metallique' is going to change everything you thought you knew about Metallic Paint!

Extreme Coverage: You won't find another Metallic Paint on the market that covers the way Metallique' does. A little goes a long way with Maximum Opacity!

The Shiniest Shimmer: Concentrated Mica particles in our special formula result in a finish that is sparkly to the Extreme! Seriously! You won't find anything better!

Metallique' is a shimmering water based metallic paint that can be applied to walls, furniture, and accessories imparting a stylish, smooth and shimmering appearance. This opulent paint creates a smooth luminous surface that sparkles and glows when bathed in light.
Metallique' has excellent coverage and dries to a rich high gloss finish.

Preparation: Prepare furniture with Maison Blanche Paint Company
Clean and Prep and ensure surface is clean, dry and free from peeling paint. In the presence of new walls, weak paint, or surface that has previosly been treated with oil based paints or products apply Maison Blanche Paint Company
Clear Primer or
Vintage Furniture Paint first.